My BIGGEST #NaturalHairStruggles

Despite our differences in curl pattern, porosity, length, or density, there is one thing that I’m pretty confident all naturals can agree on: being natural ain’t easy! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my natural hair and would never go back to life without my curls and kinks, despite the convenience that my relaxed hair gave… Continue reading My BIGGEST #NaturalHairStruggles

KinkyCurlyConvo: Is natural hair a ‘distraction’ at work?

I recently came across an article  from back in September about a black female news anchor in North Carolina who advised a 19-year-old intern to straighten her natural hair in order to be less of a “distraction” in the studio. (See the article and video clip here: As a young professional, the issue of… Continue reading KinkyCurlyConvo: Is natural hair a ‘distraction’ at work?

6 Principles of Length Retention

Since the very beginning of my hair journey, even before I big chopped and officially joined the natural community, I noticed instant improvement in my hair’s ability to retain length. Pretty quickly, my hair went from a stagnant length to being much longer, and it wasn’t because it suddenly started growing faster. I used to… Continue reading 6 Principles of Length Retention

Favorite Products Under $10

Hair care products marketed specifically toward black women, particularly those marketed as natural hair products, are often more expensive than products geared toward broader, non-black consumers.  Companies market aggressively to sell their products in an increasingly competitive sector of the beauty industry. In short, there is a lot of pressure to spend a lot of money… Continue reading Favorite Products Under $10

9 Things I Learned in my First Year with Natural Hair

As I approach the one year celebration of my big chop, I wanted to take some time to reflect on what the first year with natural hair has taught me. Hopefully sharing my lessons will help someone else on their journey! Persistence is key. Sure, I’ve broken down in tears a time or two (bad… Continue reading 9 Things I Learned in my First Year with Natural Hair